Anders Boulanger

Corporate Trainer.  Trade Show Infotainer.  Engagement Expert


Anders Boulanger CSP is founder and CEO of Engagify. Since 2007 he’s been travelling the world with his team of Certified Infotainers creating crowds of interested prospects and presenting brand defining performances in the trade show exhibits of the who’s who of the tech world.

Anders is sought out for his ability to not only simplify and communicate complicated messaging, but to make it both entertaining and engaging. When he’s not on the road creating on-demand lead generation for his clients or teaching engagement skills he can be found at home in Winnipeg hanging out his wife and kids, barefoot running and making sushi (But not all at the same time).

Online Offering: Creating Virtual Engagement 

Working remotely is the new normal, but many out there are not putting their best foot forward. In fact, most are shooting themselves in the same foot.

If you are in sales or working in any customer-facing capacity, it’s mission-critical that your virtual meetings are positive touch-points for your company and your personal brand.

Unfortunately it’s not the case, countless sales are being lost as the reputation of many companies are sullied by unprofessional, disengaged representatives that bore their prospects to death.

When you are boring, your audience disengages and they never get to learn how your product process or service can help their companies and their lives.

Online meetings suck energy from you and your presentation. The medium amplifies the problems that are inherent in society. People don’t engage with others like they used to.

That combined with not knowing which equipment to use and knowing how to use it to look professional with your set-up, has many individuals frustrated and end up not bothering to even try in the first place.

What if there was a training that would show you step by step how to equip yourself for success?

To be able to learn how to make your presentation style and content more engaging so that you can command attention and deepen the connection with your audience and close more sales!

Join Engagify Founder and CEO Anders Boulanger as he shares live engagement tactics learned under fire at top tech trade shows that translate over to the virtual realm, as well as remote presentation techniques he’s honed over the past 10+ years of online sales presentations.

You’ll learn how to create Virtual Engagement by:

  • How to spike dopamine and keep your prospect wanting more
  • Visual aids and slide hacks that earn your prospect’s attention
  • Outfitting your Zoom Room – Low cost, high pay-off purchases and workarounds to engagify your “studio”
  • Often overlooked and underused live engagement tactics that work in a virtual setting
  • How the acronym SAVEU can save you when your prospects lose focus
  • To use their voices to connect in an influential manner
  • Neuro-Engagement principals and how to push the right buttons
  • Using your entire body to influence and communicate online

It’s time to get on point and get engaged!

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