Sultan Akif



Sultan has completed over 160 keynotes around the world, travelled to over 70 countries, and is the CEO of two social entrepreneurships. He is the CEO of the largest youth employment event in Canada (, has built 37 libraries across the globe (, and hosts the Future of Education Conference which connects over hundreds of international senior delegates and speakers each year ( Sultan holds experience as a corporate executive for 17 years, where he brought over 1.2 billion dollars of consulting revenue to some of the biggest organisations in the world. He is based in Ontario, Canada.


  1. Power of Purpose – Unleash Your Potential: Through Sultan’s heartfelt story and extensive experience in the business world, this keynote rejuvenates your purpose and the individual journey of each team member so they may re- approach their work with renewed passion and intensity. He will help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs to mobilize a successful lifelong future while achieving true happiness through five crucial steps; shaping your future, discovering and mining away your self-doubts, connecting with your purpose, learning the science of change, and composing a detailed action plan. Sultan leads this with 6 core foundations of fitness, finances, friends & family, faith, fun, and freedom in addition to 30 underlying sub-topics.
  2. Purpose Entrepreneurship – Change the world through your business: Sultan’s experiences as a CEO of two social entrepreneurships acts as a pillar behind this framework which guides you to use the vehicle of business to drive lasting change into the world and the lives of people that inhabit it. This keynote takes an entrepreneurial focus on how to have purpose in the center of the business moral in order to harvest real impact and serve as a reminder for organisations of their purpose. This framework will advance your individual transformation alongside your business in a journey towards nurturing practical methods to ensure the highest scale of success for your business.
  3. Human Centric Digital Transformation: Currently, the majority of digital transformations are failing as a result of not leading with a human psyche approach. This keynote will teach you how to adopt digital transformation through creative and relevant insights, enlarging human relationships, applying strategies, and redefining leadership and structures, by infusing the most neglected aspect of it – human transformation. He will leave your team inspired to connect with the humans to accelerate this change and skillfully direct this transformation to achieve maximized success.
  4. Youth Entrepreneurship – The solution to the world’s biggest problems: This keynote is razor focused to business schools and organisations where the future leaders of the world are studying, and empowers youths to make real change through innovative strategies and impactful methods. This emphasizes on the power of all youths and inspires them to go after their wildest dreams by pursuing a path to entrepreneurship that makes a real difference in the world. This will open the world to our youths and the opportunities available to them while strengthening their drive and impact through intensifying their passion and purpose towards a success entrepreneurship.