Anthony Calvillo


From humble beginnings to a championship quarterback who played professional football for 20 years, Anthony has a story to tell that will inspire and motivate your team.

Anthony is an experienced keynote speaker who can relate to everyone with his humility and down-to-earth nature while he shares the lessons he has learned from football and in life. He is a champion, coach, teammate, husband, father, cancer-survivor and gentleman and each of those roles helps him connect to people on different levels.


Learn, Lead, Inspire 

In this leadership presentation, I discuss my personal experiences and what factors played a role in me becoming a successful leader, including having the right attitude, work ethic and priorities. I speak about how drive, motivation and confidence set the tone for becoming an inspiring leader in every aspect of life – both business and personal.

Overcoming Adversity

In this keynote, I talk about all of the challenges I had to face throughout my life, starting with a turbulent childhood  in La Puente, California, throughout my development as a top-level athlete and also through personal challenges. I discuss how I handled tough situations on field and off the field, overcoming my wife’s and my own cancer battles, and breaking the cycle of domestic violence that I grew up with. I managed to beat the odds over and over, and I inspire people to do the same in their own lives.


Teamwork is the important foundation of sports at any level, as it is in life. In this keynote, I discuss how successful communication, positive attitutes and how having each other’s backs drives success. I share my experience of seeing the extreme difference between having positive, high-functioning teamwork and the negative effects of having poor teamwork.

Sustaining Personal and Professional Growth

A big part of my career and my life has been my ability to sustain success, both personally and professionally. Throughout my life, I had to continue to challenge and push myself towards a standard I created for myself. This is what allowed me to play professional football for 20 years, and maintain a high bar on my performance. I discuss having the right attitude, openmindedness to adjust to new philosophies and structures, and ultimately continue to improve and continue to play at a high level.