Annie Meehan


Be the Exception (Eliminate Excuses, Expose Extraordinary)

Comparisons, Labels, Shattered Confidence. These hidden traps and struggles keep us from being Real and keep us from being Successful. Keep us from being Exceptional! The gift of resilience and overcoming life’s circumstances is Annie’s story and allowed her to escape the cycles of negativity and transform into the successful influencer that she is today. In this keynote your audience will uncover the 7 Steps to Transformation that are MUST have strategies to become Authentic, a Confident leader, and live a truly Exceptional life.

Exceptional Leadership

In today’s marketplace, the path to success and business growth is through the engagement level of your team. Leadership is still leadership and leaders affect others through their influence and in order to enlarge your sphere of influence you must push yourself to grow and to learn. In her purpose-to-impact message, Annie teaches about being purpose-driven, intentional, and adaptable to change with an easy 6-point format.

Exceptional Goal Setting
The Ride of a Lifetime

Goal setting is a basic business fundamental. Everyone knows how … or do they? Effectively setting goals can leapfrog you ahead of your competitors while taking you on a real-life ride of a lifetime. During this keynote, Annie will share her goal-setting successes by mapping out and creating the necessary steps to help you achieve success and maximize performance.

Exceptional Wellness
The 5 Keys to a Wellness Lifestyle

The concept of “wellness” is on the top of all of our minds, especially in the past few months; yet success in a wellness lifestyle requires attention to much more than just food and movement (diet and exercise). Annie’s “CANES” philosophy represent 5 key lifestyle elements that contribute toward your overall health and well-being. Don’t make resolutions, create habits and achieve goals.