Caroline Brookfield


85% of the jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet.

How do you prepare for an uncertain future? How will you motivate yourself, or your team, to stay agile, solve difficult problems, seize new skills, pioneer innovation, and thrive in ambiguity? How will you stay relevant? Everyone is creative. Which is great, because it’s the #1 skill you need this decade.

Understand howto unlock your creativity,the fundamental human element,with my D.A.N.C.E method. Face uncertainty with confidence, find joy in innovation, build resilience with self-expression, and learn to adapt to thrive in the rapidly changing workplace. Based on data and research, combined with personal stories from veterinary medicine and stand-up comedy, Caroline will challenge your paradigms of creativity with an event customized to your goals. Much more, and much less,than a paint night, creativity is the secret sauce that you needed yesterday. Let’s start today, it’s not too late.


Everyday Creativity for Confidence in Uncertainty

Creative Resilience

DANCE with your creativity for agility at work

Creative Discomfort for a Regret-Proof Life