Sara Westbrook




Professional Speaker

Emotional Development Skills Strategist

Sara Westbrook is a professional speaker, author and creator of 3E Emotional Development presentations, workshops and consulting on strengthening relationships, culture and well-being.

She has had the pleasure of presenting her in-person or virtual presentations to over half a million people, and has been on many media outlets including Global, CTV and Sirius XM.

Sara has spent the last 15 years researching and presenting to all ages on the subject of emotions and the impact they have on choices and well-being. Dismissing emotions leads to: strained relationships, burnout, stress, low morale, lack of motivation and health challenges.

Sara has found that one of the most underrated skills in business is emotional development. An awareness of emotions, intentional reflections on how emotions impact decisions and the resilience to move through them, is pivotal to growth.

Here’s some behind the scenes about Sara…

Before she was a full time speaker she was an award winning singer/songwriter. When Sara is not writing or presenting, she can be found in her kitchen whipping up yummy, healthy treats for her husband George and son Kai. At the end of a long day, Sara loves relaxing with her husband, talking about their day over a glass of red juice.



 Sara helps organizations strengthen their workplace culture by teaching user friendly strategies and providing easy to implement resources to develop the ‘3E’s of Emotions: Emotional Management, Emotional Awareness and Emotional Resilience.’ Her presentations are customized to suit the needs and goals of your organization.


In today’s changing work environment being able to rebound from the tough emotions triggered by challenging circumstances is the key to professional and personal success. If your team doesn’t understand their own emotions and triggers, it’s nearly impossible to empathize, collaborate or communicate effectively with others.

Incorporating the ‘3E’s of Emotions’ into your workplace culture will:

  • improve performance
  • strengthen relationships
  • decrease emotional fatigue
  • build a resilient and respectful company culture
  • prevent burnout
  • reduce employee turnover

Investing in your teams’ emotional well-being ensures that they feel supported, inspired, engaged and valued. This is the foundation of a successful organization.

Information on presentations for schools available upon request.



‘The emotional health of our team is critical, and I would strongly recommend any business to invest in their staff by having Sara Westbrook. You will not be disappointed.’

Bill Coleman – CEO – Apex Property Management & Consulting 

‘Sara delivered a high energy and engaging session to our team, utilizing well developed tools our leaders need to be successful not only at work but also in everyday life. The discussion reinforced for us to recognize, express and bounce back from tough emotions is essential to enhancing productivity, relationships and communication.’

Karen Lincoln, BA, CHRL, Director of Human Resources Catalent