Trisha Miltimore


When you choose growth over the grind everything changes.


Funny. Inspiring. Ridiculously relatable. Trisha is your totally engaging speaker on human connection, team development and impactful leadership.

Trisha Miltimore is an International Motivational Speaker empowering teams, leaders and HUMANS to engineer their own DEEPLY SATISFYING LIFE EXPERIENCE. As a momma of four and CEO of Contagious Leadership Training, Trish knows first hand the hardships and privileges of PURSUING YOUR PASSION including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. A curator of CURIOSITY + COURAGE Trisha teaches proven LifeTool Strategies to reach your goals and FLOURISH at the same time. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing. Her messages are clear, practical and transformational. A profound storyteller, Trisha empowers thousands to ENGINEER THEIR LIVES via an experienced bold blend of inspiration & personal insights.

.Travels From: Kelowna, British Columbia


Adapt-ABLE Leadership[team engagement experience]

RESULTS: Engage the power of personal agency over positive change management so people feel heard, valued, supported, empowered and capable of engineering an experience for themselves and others that results in personal, professional and organizational success.

Born from the Covid19 Crisis, but developed via over 18 years of experience in leadership training, this interactive online team  development experience teaches how to step up from experiencing to effectively engineering change and progress. Over 2 x 60 minute webinars participants will learn the three phases of adapting  and how to tap into their own unique resiliency, creativity and courage to EXPAND, C.A.R.E and CONTRIBUTE to company, cause and personal success.

Inside-Out Exceeding Expectations.[customer service]

RESULTS: Educate, engage and empower team members to intentionally and personally invest in value-centered Customer Service and People Service.

When it comes to reaching goals everything begins and ends with relationships. The relationships between your frontline people and your customers, the relationships between frontline and middle managers…you get the idea. The real competitive edge is the extent to which your people care. How invested they are in manifesting the grandest vision and, at the same time, taking care of the smallest details? Not because they are told to but because it’s integrated in the collective WHY. Now that is how the engine of sustainable success gains momentum. This is how we bring HUMAN back into the workplace!

Connection over Complacency.[workplace culture]

RESULTS: Creating connection and meaning in the workplace to drive organizational and team goals.

The Daily Grind MindSet can be adversely affecting your teams  job satisfaction and personal well being resulting in complacency. One of the most powerful ways to reduce lack of care is to FOSTER CONNECTION and MEANING in the workplace.  With over 8 hours a day spent “on the job” companies have a unique opportunity to be a space of interpersonal connection and growth. Trisha empowers teams and leaders to CONNECT through COLLABORATIVE SUCCESS. How? By igniting and integrating the WHY of what you do with those who are helping you do it.

The Confident & Connected Leader.[leadership training]

RESULTS:  Empower, educate and grow your leadership skills via practical and powerful MindSet Shifts and CARE Training. Step up in your personal and professional life with more clarity and courage to create results.

Leadership is more than skill…it is the active expression of values, passion, vision and service. How do you lead? What energy do you bring into the workplace every single day? Are you empowering your team to CARE? Are you communicating with confidence your goals, grit and gratitude? Leadership takes personal strength and vulnerability which can be hard to grow together in this era of perfectionism  and an over-achieving, hustle and grind culture. Organizations and businesses….PEOPLE…need leaders to be strong in vision and open to collaboration, innovation and connection. Trisha helps leaders to lead with confidence, conviction, curiosity and courage.

How to be a Better Boss.
[middle management training]

RESULTS: Learn tools for creating a culture of feedback, the #1 strategy to engage your team member plus discover and nurture your unique leadership style. Highly interactive and humorous (self-reflection can be very amusing).

It’s not easy being the boss! It can actually be so hard it sucks the life out of your experience and those around you. It doesn’t have to be this way! Learn 4 effective tools for increasing accountability, feedback, productivity, success, fulfillment and FUN in your own professional life experience and for those on YOUR TEAM. Come with an open mind, heart and your sense of humour. Being a boss is hard but it can also be a position that makes BIG impact and drives success for every person you have the privilege to work with.

Don’t Balance. BOUNCE.[work-life balance]

RESULTS: Improve personal resiliency,  professional productivity and connection with your purpose. To live with more fulfillment!

Too often we become disconnected from our passions, purpose and ultimately our personal power. Joy suffers. Fun is forgotten. Yap. Life gets complicated. As determined people of doing it all it is so easy to, amongst the busy, become lost with WHO we are and WHY we are doing what we do. The result? Often pure chaos. And a general sense of OVERWHELM that thwarts opportunity, diminishes creativity and suffocates potential (personally and professionally).  Learn tools and techniques to cut through all that CRAZY and reconnect with YOU. Your passions. Your purpose. Cultivate life success based on your priorities. Your expectations. Hold on. It’s a crazy ride of self-reflection and, with an open mind, self-realization. Get ready for MindSet Shifts that fuel Actionable Steps for RESULTS.