Roxanne Derhodge



I am a registered psychotherapist, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and author with 25 years’ experience in the mental health and wellness arena. I work with my clients to develop a keen sense of their resilience. When leaders start to focus on “Return on Relationships”, the companies’ ROI takes care of itself. I work with corporations to help senior leaders develop their leadership styles by enhanced connections to themselves. Understanding of the needs of their employee keeps people healthy and more productive at work, will decrease the skyrocketing costs of absenteeism, arbitrations, incidental absences, as well as short-term and long-term disability claims. I am fully prepared to present this workshop to your team to equip them with the essential skills to recognize The Power of Authentic Connections.


Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Strategies for Innovation in Today’s Economic Uncertainty Leadership is being tasked to retain and retain their top talent in today’s VUCA times 10 environment. Diversity and Inclusion creates the space for leadership to get ahead of the curve. Gaining an understanding of different worldviews, values and beliefs will set the stage for certainty through these uncertain times. Understanding how Leadership can breakdown these barriers Respect and Trust much needed for increased morale, productivity and ultimately Innovation and growth. The Problem: Diverse employees who are disconnected from their workplaces can impact the bottom line as much as much as 35% in Public Sector organizations according to McKinsey Study 2015. The Result: Attendees will become more knowledgeable and equipped to deal with Diversity and Inclusion Concerns. They will develop the capacity to build robust relationships in the ever change global economy. Learning Objectives: • Gain Clarity on Unconscious • Uncover Strategies and gain understanding of DI Needs of Organizations • Learn Effective strategies to address internal Resistance to Diversity