Pamela Barnum


Pamela Barnum is a former undercover police officer and federal prosecuting attorney providing actionable strategies to negotiate, communicate, and build trust through intentional communication and body language.

When you take decades of experience, including her unique background of working deep undercover in the drug enforcement section, followed by a rewarding legal career, you get real-world strategies that build trust, improve relationships, and increase influence when you need it most.

Juggling diverse stakeholder groups with distinct interests and roles leads to an inevitable clash of words and actions.
What if you had a strategy to communicate trust quickly and easily without investing more time or money? Increasing trust solidifies relationships and increases profits.

Building on her experience in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school and now shares her experience, research, and expertise with candor, energy, and humor blending actionable strategies with memorable stories.

Speaking to audiences from 50 – 12,000 in person and virtually, Pamela looks forward to helping you negotiate, communicate, and build trust with ease.


3D Negotiation Techniques for Success

Effective negotiation requires trust.

Learn techniques to:

DEMONSTRATE that you’re negotiating in good faith, inspiring immediate trust.

DECODE the motivation of others during the negotiation process allowing you to react authentically and effectively.

DETECT nonverbal cues of suspicion, aggression and deception so you can respond strategically, influencing behaviouir.

Accurately assess others nonverbal cues (body language).
Behavior that immediately communicates confidence and
trustworthiness, Create an environment that fosters authenticity – turning first
impressions into winning impressions.

CRACK THE CODE ON TRUST: Insider Techniques for Leaders
Learn strategies that inspire courage from within, increasing trust in B2B
and B2C relationships. Techniques to increase self-awareness to
manage and access personal biases that may be holding you and your
team back.

3D Body Language Skills For Powerful Results:
Display, Decode, Detect

Learn the secret second language that’s been reserved for communication experts and law enforcement.

Using techniques developed as an undercover police officer and federal prosecuting attorney, Pamela will teach you and your organization how to use and interpret body language to negotiate better deals, improve important relationships, and build trust quickly and effectively.

This intriguing session encourages audience participation, provides strategic action steps, and is a lot of fun for everyone in attendance!

You will receive practical tools that can be used immediately to:
– Display trustworthiness to improve and regulate how you are perceived by others.
– Decode nonverbal cues that provide reliable feedback on how the other person is really feeling – regardless of what they are saying.
– Detect deception with a greater degree of accuracy using verbal and nonverbal techniques. How the Agenda Filter works, and when to use it.

3D Trust in a 2D World:
Innovative Approaches to Enhance Trust Virtually

Within milliseconds, people judge your confidence, competence, and credibility. Virtual events and meetings enhance the subtle nuances that either enhance, or destroy your trustworthiness.

Participants will discover:
– Must do’s before the meeting or event begins.
– Nonverbal techniques and platforms leaders can use to increase engagements during the meeting or event.
– The top three nonverbal techniques that increase trust, and the top three that damage trust during virtual events and meetings – and they aren’t what you think.