Edwige Robinson


Vice President, Engineering Services for Xfinity Mobile, Retail & Convergence at Comcast NBC Universal

Edwige A. Robinson has over 25 years of experience in the technology & leadership realms. She’s an expert technologist and
consistently acts as a bridge between the business and engineering domains.

A native of Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, being female, a foreigner, and black – Edwige is a triple minority in Technology. Despite
countless obstacles to impede her success, she forged ahead and has succeeded in vital roles at major companies such as Hugues
Networks systems, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Time Warner Cable.

Edwige is a champion and advocate for women in leadership. She believes that leading as an authentic role model is part of her
calling, especially as a female leader in the technology industry. A mentor for young women in Technology, she was recently
recognized by Aleria Tech as one of the “Awesome Black Women Everyone Should Know” in 2020 and by the 1 million STEM
women (1MWIS), a global network of women in STEM. She also sits on several Advisory Boards driving STEM education to
underserved communities.

Edwige holds multiple executive leadership certifications from Harvard Law school and The Wharton School of Pennsylvania, and
earned a Bachelor of Science and MBA from DeVry University

Edwige is known to share her experience authentically and teach her audience how to become fearless leaders; her audience
leaves feeling empowered to take action and make an impact.

Focus areas:
Women in Tech | Innovation & Digital Transformation Connoisseur | Change Catalyst | STEM & Robotics advocacy | Keynote
Presenter & Storyteller.


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