David MacLean


David MacLean is passionate about “wholehearted leadership”. When it comes to leading people, “You can buy their hands, you can train their heads, but until you have their hearts you don’t have the whole person.” (Ikea Hands, Head, Heart philosophy)

Engaging the hearts of your people creates the most powerful and profound competitive advantage for your organization. And, engaging the hearts of your people is impossible if you do not know how to lead and live wholeheartedly.

David MacLean is an award-winning, Master Chair for The Executive Committee Canada (TEC). David leads CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Executives to “Dare Greatly”.  He is a recipient of the TEC Canada Red Shoes Award for his outstanding creativity and innovation in the art of leading leaders.

Decades before joining TEC, David served as a sports marketing specialist in the National Hockey League. He then established MacLean Group Marketing, an
international, full-service marketing agency; and MacLean Sports Marketing, which served the promotional needs of professional sports teams across North America.

Throughout the 15 years David owned and operated his companies, MacLean Group received numerous regional, national and international awards for outstanding work.  MacLean Group was also recognized by Profit Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Canada.  Under David’s leadership they grew at approximately 800% in a 5-year period.

David is a TEDx speaker. David’s TED talk was based on an incredible 2 year global educational odyssey he and his wife led their 2 sons on.  While owning and leading his agencies, David and his wife led their sons on an experiential learning journey travelling to 7 countries on over 2 dozen trips to over 100 destinations, travelling over 115,000 KM.  Their trip, the books they wrote and published and the philanthropic work they did was national news in Canada.


The HEART of a Leader – Unlocking Your True Power and Potential
This presentation is designed to profoundly awaken the audience to understand the nature of your most valuable asset as a leader – your HEART.  The message is targeted to anyone in leadership: senior level leaders right through the entire organization.  Actionable takeaways revolved around making key leadership adjustments to be able to engage your heart more profoundly and the hearts of your people, as well as an honest assessment of your definition of leadership and how you can build upon the 2 core foundations of leadership.