Allison Graham


Navigating Adversity: How to Feel a Sense of Control and Calm in the Midst of Chaos

As the world navigates the pandemic, each person has to navigate their own lives at home and work as best they can. While nothing can be done to fix the overall situation, resilience tools can make the experience of navigating uncharted territory better.

Some of the content you’ll discover in this virtual series includes:

  • Understanding how stress is created and what you can do to reduce destructive stress, even during a crisis.
  • The different types of challenges we face and how to navigate each.
  • How to feel a sense of control during a time in history that is completely out of your control.
  • Easy tips to implement immediately that will allow for a better experience as you navigate challenge and change.

The result from this session is to feel more hopeful, have a greater understanding of the emotional roller coaster that you and the people around you are experiencing and to learn some simple tips that can be used immediately to feel more empowered.

As a resiliency expert, author and media commentator, Allison Graham’s motto is “Just Get It Done!” Since 2006, she has helped professionals and business owners master daily resilience, get connected and find their easiest path to success. She’s worked with Fortune 500 companies to start-up tech entrepreneurs as a speaker, coach, 4-time author and provider of online programs. Her books include Busy is a Bad Excuse, Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks and her latest online programs include Take Back Your Weekends: A Better, Less Stressful Way to Get It All Done  and How to Create and Build an Online Course in Days and on a Tight Budget 

You may have seen her featured by media outlets like Global News and Fast Company or heard her Resiliency Ninja podcast.