Likky Lavji


BELIEF:  Every human being has a physical blind spot, a field of vision we cannot see. Organizations and team leaderships also have blind spots when it comes to key behaviors that motivate and inspire employees. Not recognizing blind spots can signal mixed messages, causing lack of trust, poor performance, and eventually affecting organizational results.

He is known as the “Blind Spot Navigator”, Likky Lavji’s passionate, candid nature engages audiences with his resonating message about leadership and organizational potential to power performance. As a CEO for over 25 years, Likky knows first-hand what truly motivates people to give their personal best.


Discovering Blind Spots To Power Performance
Learn a different perspective on the root cause of people disengagement, employee retention, lack of getting proper results and how to turn an organization around.

You Will Learn:

  • Tools to produce your own high
    performing teams
  • How to look for blind spots
  • 5 organization behaviors
  • The rules for engagement &

The Entrepreneurial Equation for Success
Do you have a grip on business? Or does your business have a grip on you? All entrepreneurs face challenges when it comes to processes, sales and people.

You Will Learn:

  • The happiness equation for people
  • How to build meaningful networks
    and alliances
  • How to use your customers as your
    salesforce engine
  • Tools for monitoring accountability