Melissa Maloney


We are in a business world where customer experience is more important than ever.  Part of creating a great customer experience means having a great winning culture, but it also means having an amazing employee engagement culture.  In the “Everybody Wins” series Melissa Maloney uses her 15 years of senior sales leadership experience, combined with her company philosophy from Happy Leader Enterprises to set up an energetic, fun and engaging workshop series. Melissa uses happiness as the basis for the series, and will inspire sales associates and sales leaders alike to find their own happiness at work, while achieving amazing bottom line results and customer satisfaction at the same time.  Everybody Wins!

3 Ways to Engage:

Everybody Wins 1⁄2 Day Workshop:

In this half day workshop designed for sales associates and sales leaders you will learn the power of mindset in today’s challenging sales environments. By reflecting on your own personal mindset strategies you will learn the tools needed to deal with the toughest challenges you face when adversity hits. After
setting the tone for taking control of your mindset we will look at key strategies for priority setting and time management for sales success. We will finish off the morning by evaluating how you can focus on your customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and your own personal satisfaction at the end of the day.

Everybody Wins Full Day Workshop For Sales Leaders:

In this full day workshop, you will expand on the lessons from the morning and look deeper into your role as a sales leader. Whether you are a new sales leader or have years of experience, selling has been evolving and as such so has the need to lead your sales team more effectively. You will look at how you can impact the retention of your sales team through your selling and team culture. We will look at leadership strategies to help grow your sales teams into your future sales leaders and also how this growth will lead to more new hires and happier customers. Building off the principles reviewed in the morning for being a great sales associate, we will connect those to your leadership style and how you can also use those same strategies to build your personal leadership action plan.

Everybody Wins Keynote Address:

In this keynote address Melissa tells her story of adversity and how it became the basis for her leadership style, from being a successful sales leader for the last 15 years to founding Happy Leader Enterprises. Melissa’s passion for leading people to success and happiness is driven through challenging the traditional image of what a sales experience is. She shows that you can focus on bottom line success, happy employees and a great customer experience without having to settle for satisfying only one aspect of the three. You will look at three key aspects of success: Being your best self, Helping others be their best and Customer Engagement; concluding- Everybody Wins!