Kevin Stewart


The Forward Factors: Disruptive Ideas that Drive Innovation

Researchers at Yale have proven that our personal comfort zone is a shut off switch for the brain. The more comfortable we are with our opinions and processes, the less effective we will be in every endeavour. In other words, the status quo kills!

As a Farmer, Olympic Television Producer and Media Entrepreneur, Kevin Stewart has developed The Forward Factors, a thought leader platform focused on the eight courageous questions that drive innovation in times of rapid change and disruption.

  •  Do you have an appetite for disruption?
  • Will you be remarkable or invisible?
  • What is the cost of doing nothing?
  • What do we need to quit?
  • What if? The question that fosters possibilities.
  • Have you scared yourself lately?
  • What business are you in?
  • Who or what could make your product or service obsolete?

The Forward Factors is a series of four thought leader keynotes that deliver the only truly sustainable competitive advantage in business: the ability to learn and adapt fast!


  • The Risk Factor: An action-based approach to planning that works because
    action accelerates feedback.
  • The Fear Factor: When did we forget that all the best things in life are on the
    other side of fear!
  • The Connection Factor: During disruption which is more important, what you
    know or who you know? Answer: Both!
  • The Grit Factor: Get knocked down. Get back up. Repeat.