Trish Tutton


After years working in cultures where stress and burnout were seemingly the only way to success, Trish suffered a shocking loss and things became clear: stress is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to dictate our lives.  Over a decade of study later, she teaches simple, data-driven mindfulness techniques that help us live and work happier. She’s on a mission to create calmer, happier, and more effective workplaces and employees. Trish has studied mindfulness in many capacities.

Some highlights include:

  • Registered Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Google’s signature program Search Inside Yourself
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction via University of Massachusetts
  • Science of Well-being via Yale University
  • Fundamentals of Coaching – Co-active Coach Training
  • Multiple day Mindfulness Meditation Retreats yearly
  • 12+ years of personal mindfulness practice


The Mindful Advantage: Work Happier (not Harder)!
Your brain at positive, works significantly better than at negative or stressed.  You’re more productive, energized and positive.  This experiential presentation teaches how to shift our brain to a positive state using data-driven mindfulness techniques. Trish will make sense of mindfulness and teach techniques for more energy, productivity and better results at work.

Innovative State of Mind
If you’ve ever heard the words, “But, this is the way we’ve ALWAYS done it!”, you know what it is to lack creativity and be mindLESS. In this state, we can’t find creative and truly NEW solutions for our clients.  Do you come up with your best ideas when you’re overwhelmed or relaxed?  This presentation outlines how stress blocks us from creativity, and simple ways to cultivate a calm and creative mind – to serve our clients better as industry leaders. Participants will walk away with simple techniques to have a more innovative state of mind

Calm in the Eye of the Storm: Building Resilience
There are moments in life when we are challenged – what really defines us, is the way we bounce back from adversity.  This experiential presentation will explore three conditions that create resilience no matter what challenges we face: Inner Calm, Cognitive and Emotional Resilience.  Participants will learn not only how to experience life’s inevitable challenges with more ease, but distill wisdom from them as well.

Finding Peace in an Anxious and Distracted World
In a world that is uncertain and chaotic, peace can feel like it’s only possible on a beach, in a glass of wine, or at the spa… and even then our mind is turning over our troubles, worrying our life away!  If we wait until the world is calm to feel peaceful – we’ll be waiting forever.  In this talk Trish will share practical tools to find peace from the only reliable and enduring place: WITHIN.