Sunil Godse

The reality facing companies today is that 80% of employees are unhappy in the workplace, and with a fractured culture, businesses face not only $550 billion a year in lost productivity but they incur much higher downstream costs such as higher turnover, and so it is no surprise that over 99% of businesses fail by the time they hit year five.
Sunil Godse has spent the last 25 years preventing this from happening by using intuitive resonance to establishing trusted professional relationships between management and its employees, creating a tight-knit corporate culture that has employees intrinsically motivated to perform at their highest level, using this same technique to grow several entrepreneurial ventures to over $20 million before helping other companies implement this in their businesses to provide an uplift in productivity, elevating profits to a whole new level.
Sunil has addressed tens of thousands of people as an international speaker, enlightening them on how to establish trusted relationships with others, helping them avoid failure and setting them on a path to incredible success in their personal and professional lives, topics taken from his two critically-acclaimed books, GUT! and Fail Fast. Succeed Faster., each of which has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide