Tony Chapman


Tony Chapman is one of North America’s leading thought leaders on customer engagement, testament to a 30-year career where he founded three agencies and crafted award-winning campaigns and go to market strategies. Tony is one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends and four documentaries, including one from Australia, and one from the UK have profiled Tony’s thinking on consumer and customer engagement.

Five years ago, Tony sold his agencies to speak his mind at conferences and in the media. He has delivered inspirational keynotes to audiences in China, Spain, Poland, Scotland, England, Brazil, and across North America.

Tony is a frequent contributor to the conversation on television, radio, and national newspapers. He is also the host of the podcast Chatter that Matters and the host of The Dales Report, a video magazine targeting do-it-yourself- investors.

It’s a Brand-New Decade
Are you Ready to Roar?

Welcome to a new decade, and one where humans will accomplish more than any other time in our history.  “Mass will become My’ as we harness technology to cater to the individual, their values, their desires, and to our community and planet.

Every sector of our economy will be re-imagined, and much will be re-invented-how we govern, teach, heal, communicate, conceptualize, work, and market.

Are you ready to roar?

In an inspirational keynote about possibilities, discover practical and purposeful ways to embrace change by turning the headwinds of disruption into tailwinds that will propel you forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • How data has enabled hyper-personalization and a shift from ‘Mass to My’.
  • Learn the two customer benefits that are creating the new value standard and rewriting many of the rules of marketing, sales, and capitalism.
  • Dive into the four new economies that have emerged – Platform, Subscription, Experiences, and Purpose Driven.
  • Identify strategies for how to engage, compete, and roar.

Stop Telling Your Story – Become Part of Theirs

How to engage and persuade the people who matter most to you

Attention is the oxygen of human endeavor and our only path to engagement and persuasion. Attention breathes life into leading, marketing, selling, teaching, and mentoring. The challenge is in the ‘age of noise’ too much is chasing a finite amount of time. It is becoming impossible to be heard.

Tony Chapman, one of North America’s thought leaders on engagement, will draw upon his 30 years of crafting award-winning campaigns and strategies, to share how you can get the attention you deserve. Tony’s keynote, packed with case studies from around the world and actionable insights and ideas, will unveil the secrets of storytelling, but with an audience-first twist. Anyone and any brand can apply this communication
strategy to capture attention and engage the head, heart, and hands of the audiences that matter most to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The five pillars that every story stands on.
  • The ‘twist’ that will drive your audience engagement scores.
  • The motivators that trigger a quest in a story or with your customer.
  • Entertaining, international, and multilingual case studies with subtitle case studies.
  • A clear and customized demonstration of how all of this applies to your marketplace.

From a Place to Buy to the Place to Be 

Drive Traffic and Profit in the Experience Economy

It’s no longer what you own but what you experience and share that is driving consumer behavior and growth in our economy. Retailers, hospitality, tourism and services must shift from being a place to visit and buy, to the place for consumers to be. Be social, be enlightened, be entertained, be energized, be healthier, be naughty, be a treasure hunter, be surprised.

The key is to identify and then deliver the ‘Be’s’ that meet your customers’ needs while staying true to your brand, and profitable to your operation. In this keynote learn from the best in world in how they drive traffic and profit in the experience economy, and in doing so turn their customers into raving ambassadors.

Key Takeaways

  • The key economic and consumer drivers that has propelled the experience economy to grow 3 X to the material goods.
  • The 6’s P’s of any destination-based business and why one P now matters more than the other five combined.
  • How to identify your ‘Be’s’ based on the key consumer motivators, while being authentic to your brand, and operationally profitable.
  • An around the world adventure to showcase the best in the experience economy.