Yvonne Heath


Beat Burnout by Just Showing Up

In an era where life’s demands are far too many for us to meet, we are often stressed, overwhelmed and defeated. Can you relate? Are you striving for success personally and professionally but are bombarded with the tasks of daily life and unexpected challenges? Caregiving? Crisis? Grief? Is your happiness even a consideration?
If not, it’s time for change. We can do better. How? By learning from and supporting one another.

Together we will explore:

  • Why it is critical to have “The Talk”—the challenging conversations about life, grief and end of life BEFORE they arrives. Too late? The next best time is NOW!
  • How to create your supportive circle with intention and why connection is key
  • What Just Showing Up really means and how it can change your life
  • The power of fostering self-reliance in ourselves and others
  • What does Legacy mean to you
  • Coping skills and strategies you can implement today to be more empowered and resilient, no matter what life throws at you.

And so much more. Are you ready?

How to Just Show Up in the Workplace

Have you ever avoided a co-worker who returned after a loss or crisis? Or suffered a personal loss and felt awkward, uncomfortable or isolated and returned to work, having no other choice? Felt judged or stigmatized as you navigated a mental or physical health issue? Is it possible to have an empowered and compassionate workplace where you feel safe and supported? Yes it is and it can start today and it can start with you!

Let’s discover:

  • How to be empowered and resilient—personally and professionally—no matter what life throws at us
  • What to do or say, when someone is grieving or facing life’s challenges and we don’t know what to do or say
  • Where to begin in creating a more compassionate workplace
  • How we can learn from and support one another in good times and bad times
  • More happiness at work and at home

Together we can create a culture of change, starting today!

Create a Life You Love—by Just Showing Up

Are you Happy? Simple question that, unfortunately, many of us stopped asking ourselves. Why? Because the demands of life have overwhelmed us mentally, physically and emotionally. So we stopped asking, because it is not a priority. So… how are we doing? Not great. Physical and mental health issues are at an all-time high. We are stressed, addicted, over-worked and unsatisfied. Sad. The good news is that we can do better and it’s time for change NOW!

Together we will explore the 7 Take Aways on how to live life more fully! How?
By learning:

  • The importance of having conversations about life’s transitions BEFORE they arrive
  • How to intentionally create your supportive village
  • What Just Showing Up for yourself and others means and how it will change your life
  • Why self-reliance is so important
  • How to create a life you love, despite what life has thrown your way
  • That you always have a choice!

You only get one chance, so let’s create a life you love!