Gail Barker



Staying the Course: How to Discern What Matters When It Feels Like Everything Does

Whether you are a conventional leader (as in you’ve got a fancy title) or a leader by virtue of your ability to move things forward, this presentation is for you!

When it comes to leadership, there are common laments: the leadership path is tough. The role is isolating. And the mandate is heavy. Odds are you’ve wanted to throw in the towel at least once (and probably more often than that).

All of this leaves us needing to explore, with openness and curiosity, how we can lead – and lead well — when we’re feeling the weight of expectations, deadlines, and curveballs. How can we sift through the cobwebs and find a path of ease?

In this Signature Presentation, I will share with you:

  • How to recognize what is important in any given moment
  • How to engage in difficult conversations to ensure that everyone stays on track
  • How to listen to those around you and pull folks into alignment
  • Strategies for moving past fear (because fear is a part of the game!)
  • The secret to surrounding yourself with true allies (not just the “yes-folk”)