Sarah Hilton


Rock the Conference!

Have you ever had an event fall flat on expectations?

Are your event numbers falling year after year?

Do you want to be the event planner that kicks your event off with a Bang?

Would an event with a roadmap help your audience find their way…Sarah Hilton will start your conference, meeting or convention off with a Bang.  With humour, stories and yes the boring “housekeeping” rules, Sarah will move your audience from the moment they sit down.  In this 30-60 minute opening kick off, your audience will learn how to make the most out of their conference, build better connections with others at the conference and ultimately be shouting from the mountain tops, “best conference ever”!  Sound intriguing, Sarah is your sassy start that leaves your audience excited for the day or days to come.

Great for any meeting, conference, convention or staff meetings.

The Business Word

To strengthen any business, the spoken word is the one key differentiator between success and failure.  Think about the time, effort, and investment you made in your logo, business card, website and promotional materials; your written word.  Edits, changes, test markets, and proofs…now think hard, have you honestly spent the same time, effort and investment into your spoken word?  Most businesses answer no.  Well, now you can, in this interactive, high energy presentation you, your audience, and teams will pick up the proven World Class method to speaking the business word.  With hands on practice and perfection you see systems to your elevator pitch, your sales pitch, your networking skills, and most importantly your storytelling for sales skills.  And then imagine feeling confident and clear on the possibility of owning your stage with the spoken word.  Most successful businesses today drive new leads, greater respect and deeper understanding by taking a stage to speak on their expertise through conferences, presentations, webinars and podcasts.  These same skills can be transferred to all of your speaking opportunities.  Speak out and for success with the Business Word.

Great for any small, medium or large businesses; this includes entrepreneurs and teams and leaders from the corporate space.