Paula Morand



Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything.

From her international best selling book, Bold Courage is a call to arms for individuals and organizations to re-engage the human spirit. It is about shifting perspective, discovering possibilities and learning to unleashing the potential of saying yes, taking risk and learning to play a bigger game in life. It is about developing a discipline for greatness in small tangible ways that build legacy and long lasting impact. Paula shares with high energy and humour what it means to own your awesome both as an individual and as an organization.

Theme: Leadership, Risk and Change Management

Alternative title option: Dream BIG Be BOLD

Be Bold for Change

The Brand Called You

Leading Change, Growth and Impact. This session is about innovating new ideas and strategies for business and career goals while at the same time anchoring and positioning you as a solid visionary in who you are and what you want to accomplish. Trust is a key component it being an effective leader and learning to brand yourself in a strategic and results oriented way makes all the difference in landing the right career opportunity, building your own business venture, increasing your reputation and building raving fans for the long term sustainable impact.

From Idea to Impact: Lessons from a Trailblazer.

For 18 years Paula led a multi-million dollar leadership institute that served visionaries and teams through strategic training and coaching programs. That changed in in 2010 when she evolved her service based company into a new tech opportunity to scale her company in a more global and measureable manner. Paula will share her journey first hand of what disruption looks like both in forging new ideas for business growth and impact but also for stretching teams out of their comfort zones. From idea to various iterations of development to barriers to entry for market launch, Paula has seen it all and knows first hand the cost and opportunity of becoming a change maker.