Natalie Lowe


Natalie speaks passionately on the topic of climate change and individual & group action. She is knowledgeable, practical and optimistic, with a sense of humour. Natalie understands people come from different perspectives and works to find common ground so we can work on common problems.


The human aspect of the climate change crisis.
Why climate change makes us feel anxious, panicked and disempowered and what to do about. The news is dire and overwhelming. How does the average citizen deal with the deluge of bad news? How do those of us in leadership positions instill confidence in others? Using scientific data, pragmatic thinking and a touch of humour, Natalie outlines how we can move toward in a positive, hopeful future for ourselves and others.

Right action not nice action.
The climate crisis requires our efforts be on activities that are effective – this is how. The clock is ticking – we have 11 years left – and the change needed is huge. It’s time to prioritize. This practical, hands on talk looks at what the greatest areas of opportunity are for affecting positive climate action. From single individuals, to groups, Natalie looks at what we can change immediately and how we can work toward longer-term solutions. We’ll also look at how to deal with green washing, climate anxiety and denial and the human tendency to procrastinate.

The Climate Crisis & Creating Community
Why this challenge involves all of us and how to foster community and motivate action. A select few people going carbon neutral and zero waste won’t help the planet – we need to mobilize large numbers of people in order to affect the change we need. How do we help people to become better informed and inspire them to collaborate and act? Using her experience in creating traction around the issue of climate crisis in the events industry, Natalie will take us through the 4 pillars to create group climate action and how you can use them to create movement in your areas of influence.