John Davidson


Go the Distance

Whether your goals are personal, or career related, let me ask you this: How much better off would you or your team be if you could improve your bottom line by 25% or more? As someone who actually knows what it means to Go The Distance – I show people how to persevere without surrender, on the road to making a difference. That difference can be something that is personal to you or maybe it’s about making your company the best it can be. It’s no secret that to own space in the mind of your customer, you need to stake out a position that really matters—a position that people can really buy into. But that’s not enough. Once you own that mindshare, you have to be ruthlessly consistent to maintain that claim. I will share with you and your team the six tools you need to have constantly at your command in order to reach your goal — and to make a difference — for you and for others!