Ian Tyson



For the past 30 years, Ian Tyson has been entertaining and inspiring audiences across North America to realize their potential, and seek happiness in life. Ian’s high-octane presentations are sure to keep any audience in stitches and leave them with words and thoughts to live by. His presentations combine hilarious and heart warming story telling, observational humour and meaningful life lessons along the way. Ian will always entertain and inspire any group he is in front of.

He is one of North America’s top inspirational speakers, and has worked extensively with conference and corporate clients about teaching optimism, resilience and  kindness.  Ian’s book, “Hooray For Everything! The Optimist Manifesto” is an insightful collection of stories, rants and ideas about finding and keeping positivity. Whether as a keynote presenter, workshop facilitator, or event emcee, Ian will bring an energy that your people will not soon forget.

Speech Description:

“Hooray For Everything!” Keynote

Ian takes a deep dive into attitude and how it affects our day to day lives at home and work. This presentation contrasts the way we have carried ourselves and faced negativity throughout our lives and how those habits change our perception. This interactive and high energy presentation explores the things we “spend” time doing in our lives, and how they add up over time. While not advocating blind optimism; he instead looks at a more complete understanding; that while negativity is unavoidable, our response is within our control – resilience comes with perseverance and the right mindset. Dealing with topics like fear, choices, habits, work -life balance, and more, Ian shows how letting go of negativity can really improve our outlook and help to forge the life we all crave. Capitalizing on his trademark style of storytelling with wit and wisdom intertwined, this presentation will leave audiences with a new mantra for life “Hooray For Everything!”

“Hero Inside” Keynote

This keynote is the epitome of “Comedy with a Message”, and is both entertaining and thought provoking for all . Hero Inside takes your audience on a hilarious journey from childhood through high school and beyond, with observational humour and life lessons along the way. Through his anecdotal tales, the audience will meet the colourful characters that have inspired Ian throughout his life. Ian combines his skills as an award winning stand-up comic with his vibrancy for life to create a presentation that your audience will not soon forget.  Covering topics like overcoming obstacles, kindness, respect, dealing with loss, resilience, building culture, balancing stress in life, recapturing childhood energy, finding a personal motivation and making a difference in the lives of others.