Gary Gzik


Speaking & Keynotes:  

Team Human

We spend the majority of our waking lives at work. Work is a necessity for all but a select few. It allows us to put food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. However, many of us are unwilling participants in the War on Work. We live for the weekends and holidays. We count down the days until retirement. And as we tick the days of our lives off, we forget what work could mean – that it doesn’t have to be something to fight against. We need work for more than just a paycheck at the end of the week. Work can (and should) provide us with so much more – belonging, appreciation, achievement, growth.

In this keynote, we dare teams and companies to join Team Human and create strong cultures by working from the inside out – helping all their people contribute each day to the culture through their choices. We teach participants how to change culture from a noun to a verb – treating it not as something you have, but something each person does.

Building a Kick Ass Company

We all want to be part of companies that matter, ones that are more than just a place where work gets done, but instead leave a legacy. We call these Kick Ass companies that know their true purpose, that have leaders that people follow because they believe in them and teams that say ‘yes’ even before they know what their leaders need from them.

In order to build a Kick Ass company, you must achieve three objectives: Find Your Mojo, build Legendary Leaders, and create Hell Yeah Teams. In essence, whether you are a leader or an employee, through nurturing and building on core company beliefs, you all play a role in the success of the company.

In this presentation, participants will walk through the key components of building a Kick Ass company and be provided with the tools and knowledge they need to unlock the power in their organization. They will go home with a new perspective on how to build their own company from within!

Screw Resiliency: Building cultures that don’t just survive, they rock!

With industry downturns, the accelerating pace of change and constantly evolving business practices, resiliency has become the golden child of business. No doubt a valuable quality in employees, should it be the end game of your organization? Resiliency isn’t a never-ending spring employees can drink from to protect themselves. Even the most positive ones will eventually become drained, stressed and discouraged, harming both them and the company. The best organizations look past building mere resilient cultures to ones that inspire and energize employees. Yes, we all need to be prepared to be knocked around occasionally, but employees shouldn’t be stepping into the ring each day at work. Learn how leaders can re-focus their thinking, behaviours, and actions to transform their cultures into spaces that allow employees to thrive instead.

Awesome People Build Awesome Companies

At its core, a company will always be people serving and helping other people. Business is innately human, and we must remember to keep this at the forefront of our thinking. The most important person in any business is not the customer, it’s you. If you want to build a great company, you must have individuals within that company who feel great about themselves first. Awesome people build awesome companies. The attitude, behaviours and actions of each individual will influence not only those who do business with you but become the example that others follow in the company as well.

In this presentation, participants will learn the importance of focusing on personal growth as a valuable business strategy and the impact it can have on the company and each person’s life.

Creating Raving Fans: Nobody Raves about Average

A fundamental truth exists; we are in business to take care of the customer. Great businesses know this is their competitive advantage and with competition so stiff in business today, the client knows this as well. We have flexibility and responsiveness on our side. We’ve all heard of those companies that create experiences for their customers that go beyond normal business. And yet we are plagued with stories of horrendous service that exists every day.

This keynote shows participants how to build long-term loyalty by delivering service from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service—or lack thereof—has on your bottom line. Participants learn that they are the moment of truth with the people that matter most: your customers.