Frances Hickmott



Live Your Front Row Life

To become the leader you want to be, requires developing the mindset, resilience and courage of self leadership. It is the foundation to every leadership role because before you can lead others, you must learn to lead yourself.

In this tailored, interactive and entertaining keynote Frances Hickmott takes the audience on a journey of discovery. Learn the secrets behind the success of the leaders you look up to and of inspiring everyday individuals making a difference in the world. Your audience will learn:

  • What assumed constraints and self-limiting beliefs hold them back and how to change them.
  • How to reframe and re-define failure as an opportunity
  • Why owning your mis-steps and admitting them is a trust builder.
  • How developing self-leadership is the key to career advancement and success
  • Why companies with a self-leadership culture are more likely to increase employee initiative, inter-departmental functioning and decrease employee attrition, benefiting a company’s employee ROI.