Dr. Trung Ngo


Dr. Ngo knows adversity.  From his experiences as a refugee from Vietnam to his clinical work with complex, chronic pain patients, he has gained a deep understanding of the process of overcoming hardships.  For over a decade, Dr. Ngo has been directing integrated healthcare teams at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and at Novah Healthcare, his own community clinic in Mississauga, to change the lives of people who face a debilitating condition that cannot be seen and cannot be cured.  His visionary approach breaks down the barriers between different healthcare disciplines and challenges each clinician’s preconceptions about health and disease.  This philosophy of “NO silos and NO egos” has enabled his team to learn the truth about adversity and resilience.  Dr. Ngo perpetually strives to enhance patient care by collaborating with leading clinicians and researchers in the fields of chronic pain and resilience.  Due to his forward thinking, Dr. Ngo has become a recognized figure within the health sector and is featured on platforms such as TEDx and LifeSpeak.