James Todd


James Todd knows innovation from the inside, working in innovation-intensive businesses and ventures all his life, in fields as diverse as architecture, genetics, logistics, IT and education. Years of in-depth study of creativity and innovation led to a graduate degree in leadership and innovation in 2012. James has earned 12 years’ experience speaking to the toughest of audiences –first year college students.

James Todd provides you with an insight into the real-life processes and practices for managing innovation, demystifies the real-life experience of creativity at work, and helps you master the practical mechanics of innovation.  His presentations cover the four essentials to understanding innovation: personal creativity, teamwork, culture and leadership. Working with these ideas gives SME and cause sector leaders the tools they need to adjust, adapt and innovate in the changing business dynamic.

GAIN INSIGHT into the practices of innovation
James pulls together all the pieces of a vast literature so that you don’t have to.

TRANSFORM you organization
Manage the underlying factors that encourage personal creativity and innovation.

MOTIVATE your working teams and leaders
Learn how to stimulate healthy, constructive teamwork.

ENGAGE the latent creativity in your people
Find the triggers and techniques to release inner resources.

INTEGRATE current business thinking
Connect innovation to business strategy, change management, employee engagement and talent management for a business at your scale and size.

ACTIVATE what you know and believe
Reach beyond theory to practical Monday morning actions.